A secure, deep and familiar bond between parent and child is the most important and valuable thing you can give a baby along the way.

To build this bond before birth and to strengthen it with a wonderful, painless birth, I offer you courses in which you learn the methods of HypnoBirthing.

Pregnancy is a super exciting time and there are many choices to make. With “Family Support” I will help you with purchases and answer all your questions about “being a parent”.

A wonderful way to deepen your postpartum bondage is to carry your baby. As a certified carrying consultant, I’ll show you how to carry your child that it’s suits you and your baby.

In my work as a maternity practitioner and nanny, I have repeatedly found that love, physical contact, closeness and direct satisfaction of needs are often insufficient to build a secure bond. Why is that? And why are so many babies crying for no apparent reason?

I have found answers in the Emotional First Aid and therefore offer you my support as a Basic Bonding Group Leader in this intensive, but also difficult time.

I look forward to meeting you,

Svenja Mänl


• 2012 graduation

• 2015 state-recognized social worker / state-recognized social worker B.A.

• 2015-2016 Basic Bonding Group Leader

 2015-2016 Further education for Maternity Nanny

 2015-2016 Nanny in a private household in Berlin

2016-2023  Nanny in a private household at the Zürisee

2023 social worker in a childrens home


• 2017 Further training as HypnoBirthing course instructor

 2017 Apprenticeship as Certified Caregiver at Trageschule Schweiz (Module 1 +2.

• 2021 Babyem Maternity Nurse Training Level 4

• 2023 Babyem Gentle Sleep Educator